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Established in 2012

LugWashers.com is designed to focus on one of our best selling equipment lines. With a very diverse product portfolio, Innotech Process Equipment can sometimes seem overwhelming to navigate and it’s often necessary to break out your leading equipment and promote them separately from your other products.   

Innotech Process Equipment was founded on the principle of designing & manufacturing better solutions for process facilities. We looked at the products available and knew we could make higher quality equipment for the same price point others were charging.

We have grown significantly year after year by building the best equipment we can, and providing the best customer service in the industry. 

We look forward to building your next piece of equipment.

Tim & Tracy Kaptein - Owners

Meet the Team

Tim Kaptein


Tim founded Innotech in 2012 after 15 years working in the industry. His innate ability to visualize equipment and how it should be designed is the driving force behind every product we produce. 

Tracy Kaptein


Tracy brings years of business management experience to Innotech. As a company member and controller, she is responsible for all aspects of financial management and government compliance.

Philip Wilson

Operations Manager

Philip came to Innotech in 2014 from the telematics industry where he developed the UI/UX for trucks. He fills many rolls here including UI design, all print, digital, & web media, project management, logistics, and estimating. 

Trevor Wunn

Senior Design Engineer

Trevor came to Innotech in 2015 and is the lead designer on every project we complete. As with Tim Kaptein, Trevor’s ability to visualize equipment in 3D makes him an invaluable part of our team.

Tim Shostad

Fabrication Manager

Tim brings nearly 20 years of shop management experience to Innotech. His dedication and professionalism are reflected in the quality workmanship we are known for.

Roger Hutchison

Automation & Controls

Roger joined Innotech Process Equipment in the fall of 2018 to head our Automation & Control Department. With a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, Roger brings over 24 years of experience to the company in electrical design, automation programming, and systems integration to our customers.

Erin Dean

Office Manager

Erin joined Innotech in the Fall of 2020. She brings with her a love for customer service, 4+ years of experience in office management and 4+ years of experience in digital and print marketing for small and local businesses. She looks forward to getting to know customers and the community.

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